Enhancing e-Juice Flavours with Atomizers

Make the Best e-Juices Even Better with the Right Atomizer Style

The atomizer, in all its variations, is arguably the most important part of your electronic cigarette. Without it, your battery’s just a battery, and even the best e-juices are just that: juice. The atomizer is the part of the e-cig that uses heated coils to convert the juice into a breathable vapor that can be inhaled and exhaled, giving you that satisfactory throat hit that the e-cig is known for. So when you begin looking into different atomizer options, it’s important to consider how each one affects the e-juice flavours you use—because it will have an impact on the way they taste, and the way you enjoy them too.

The Traditional Atomizer

This is the original configuration, consisting of a heating coil wrapped around a wick, which can be made of silica, cotton, or even metal mesh. These tend to have a small capacity—no more than the wick itself can carry. For some this is preferable, while others see it as a double-edged sword. It’s favoured for dripping, and you can swap between e-juice flavours rather seamlessly, but you will also need to refill it very frequently.

The Cartomizer

A portmanteau of “cartridge” and “atomizer,” the cartomizer was the logical step forward for getting more mileage between refills, though these are not used very commonly anymore. Cartomizers use a polyfill to soak up more juice, and are housed inside tanks that allow them to hold still more—but they quickly fell out of favour with some vapers when the next item on this list came along.

The Clearomizer

Clearomizers have quickly become a popular choice for vapers who favour convenience and flexibility. Their large tank means when you’re puffing on your all-day vape—i.e. the best e-juices you have—you won’t need to refill nearly as often, and the plastic or Pyrex exterior means you’ll always know exactly when you’re running low. They’re also available in different coil configurations. They do share one disadvantage however with their cartomizer predecessors: when changing e-juice flavours, you have to be sure to get the old juice out of the tank, or else it may linger on while you’re trying to enjoy a different flavour.


Rebuildable atomizers come in different styles, including RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizers) and RBA (rebuildable atomizer)—the latter often includes a clearomizer-style tank. Both RBAs and RDAs are for experienced users, and it’s highly recommended that you have at least a basic knowledge of how electrical systems work. Unlike other atomizer styles, which are eventually disposed of, a rebuildable unit can be refitted with a new wick and new coil. Because of this, they are also the most flexible units, because users can adjust the thickness and length of the coil to get the desired resistance that makes the best e-juices even better. These can even be used for sub-ohm vaping (low-resistance vaping that produces large vapor clouds), but for your safety, you should only attempt this with experience and a mod that is designed to handle such low resistances safely.