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Canadian Vape Shops vs. “Vapour Lounges”

Canadian Vape Shops

How E-Cigarettes Are Different from Cannabis Vaporizers—and Why It Matters to Canadian Vapers Certain words and concepts related to the vaping culture that has risen up around electronic cigarettes are having an identity crisis—or perhaps, more accurately, a homonym crisis. Canadian vape enthusiasts and proponents of the benefits of e-cigarettes and e-liquids are seeing words […]

What Makes Canadian Vape Shops Special?

Ottawa Vape shops

How to Tell the Best Vape Stores in Canada from the Rest? What sets the best vape stores in Canada apart from the rest? There’s no easy answer to this question—because it depends on a number of different factors working together. It comes down to knowledgeability, to variety, to accessibility, and to a Canadian vape […]