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Vape Shops in Ottawa Can do Their Part in Vape Advocacy!

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While Regulations Remain Undefined, Now’s the Time to Make Our Voices Heard Ottawa vape shops and vapers alike are all wondering what’s going to happen with regulations surrounding the vape industry in the coming months. We’ve seen provincial governments in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and other provinces step in and impose rules around vaping […]

Canadian Vape Shops vs. “Vapour Lounges”

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How E-Cigarettes Are Different from Cannabis Vaporizers—and Why It Matters to Canadian Vapers Certain words and concepts related to the vaping culture that has risen up around electronic cigarettes are having an identity crisis—or perhaps, more accurately, a homonym crisis. Canadian vape enthusiasts and proponents of the benefits of e-cigarettes and e-liquids are seeing words […]

What Makes Canadian Vape Shops Special?

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How to Tell the Best Vape Stores in Canada from the Rest? What sets the best vape stores in Canada apart from the rest? There’s no easy answer to this question—because it depends on a number of different factors working together. It comes down to knowledgeability, to variety, to accessibility, and to a Canadian vape […]

Canadian E-Liquid: 5 Flavours to Start with

Narrow Down Your Search for the Best Premium E-Liquid in Canada If you’re shopping for premium e-liquid in Canada, you’ve certainly got your work cut out for you—there are dozens of high-calibre brands on the market, producing anywhere from a handful to dozens of flavours… it’s enough to overwhelm anyone! But before you get swallowed […]

Thinking of Browsing Canadian Vape Shops?

Vaping in Canada has been taking off lately Growing from a simple alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes and becoming a fully-fledged lifestyle movement. There is a flourishing vaping community that exists, where people discuss devices, techniques, modifications, juices, and more. So if you’re curious about getting into electronic cigarettes, there is a wealth of resources […]