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How Switching to Vaping Can Impact Your Insurance Premiums

Health Insurance for Smokers

Tobacco is a killer. Those who smoke cigarettes suffer an increased risk of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and decreased bone density among other serious health complications. Smokers are less likely to live as long as those who don’t smoke, and their quality of life is greatly decreased in comparison to non-smokers. It’s more difficult for […]

CVE Coming to Ottawa; Positive Response from Locals

Ottawa Vape Shop Expo - CVE

Why Bringing Canada’s Vape Expo (CVE) to Ottawa will Help the Ottawa-Gatineau Vaping Community Canada’s Vape Expo, or CVE as it’s widely known, is Canada’s largest vaping convention that brings together industry-leading vape exhibitors from across Canada and the world. The CVE is an event for the public, and it focuses on both the vendors […]

Vape Shops in Ottawa Can do Their Part in Vape Advocacy!

Vape Shops Ottawa Advocates

While Regulations Remain Undefined, Now’s the Time to Make Our Voices Heard Ottawa vape shops and vapers alike are all wondering what’s going to happen with regulations surrounding the vape industry in the coming months. We’ve seen provincial governments in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and other provinces step in and impose rules around vaping […]