CVE Coming to Ottawa; Positive Response from Locals

Ottawa Vape Shop Expo - CVE

Why Bringing Canada’s Vape Expo (CVE) to Ottawa will Help the Ottawa-Gatineau Vaping Community

Canada’s Vape Expo, or CVE as it’s widely known, is Canada’s largest vaping convention that brings together industry-leading vape exhibitors from across Canada and the world. The CVE is an event for the public, and it focuses on both the vendors and the vaping community with three days of exhibition. CVE also collaborates with the Canadian Vaping Association and as such, the event includes guest speakers and vape advocates, and it promotes vape responsibility across our communities.

CVE takes place in major Canadian cities including Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Montreal. However, since Quebec imposed harsh regulations on the vape industry in December 2015, it’s now no longer possible for Montreal venues to allow indoor vaping. Therefore, with Montreal being unable to participate, we suspect this might be one of the reasons why it was decided to bring the CVE Expo to Ottawa. Could it be that Montreal’s bad luck has turned into something great for O-town? In any case, it’s awesome news for the National Capital!

There was an official announcement yesterday that the CVE will be held at the EY Centre from November 18 until the 20. Tickets can be purchased online, and will cost just $5 until November 10, after which time the price will increase to $10.

Having the CVE in town means many great things for the Ottawa-Gatineau’s vaping community, including:

  1. The CVE expo will raise the visibility of the local vaping scene.
    Having the fair in the national capital will automatically peak interests and raise awareness of the vaping industry amongst locals who might be curious, or who otherwise might not know much about vaping. We hope that there’ll be media coverage as well, which in itself will go a long way.
  1. The CVE being in town means a great opportunity for locals to attend a fair of this magnitude, meet and try out the products of Canadian and international venders.
    VaperTown attends fairs and we bring back loads of samples that we think you’ll like, but it’s even better when our customers attend the fairs themselves, try out the hundreds of available products and give us feedback on what you want to see our shelves stocked with.
    CVE Ottawa - Canada's Vape Expo eJuice Products
  1. Having the CVE expo in Ottawa gives a chance for many local vendors to participate, whereas if it were happening in another city it may be financially difficult when travel, hotels, human resources and all the other costs are considered. Having a fair in our city gives a better opportunity for local juice and vape retailers, which in turn translates into a win-win for Ottawa-Gatineau’s vaping community.
  1. Montreal is so close that we expect all that city’s major vaping venders to be in attendance. With Ottawa a mere two hours away, regardless of the Quebec government’s best efforts to dampen the industry, it’s still very easy and accessible for our MTL colleagues to attend.

Since Canada’s Vape Expo made the announcement of the event in Ottawa yesterday, social media has been buzzing with the news. We’re looking forward to a huge turnout from our local vaping community and showing the country what a great host city Ottawa is for this event!

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