Father’s Day – Vape Starter Kits are the Perfect Gift!

Father’s Day is Just Around the Corner!

On Father’s Day the best gift that any Dad could receive is a gift that’s going to help him get heathy. This will not just improve his quality of life, but that of the entire family! What’s both exciting and inspiring about owning a vape shop is that on a daily basis we meet all kinds of people, including many Dads, who are making positive changes in their lives, and in a small way, we are a part of that.  To the person already vaping it may no longer seem like such a big deal to choose a great tasting e-liquid over a pack of cigarettes, but when you think back to those early days, before you were shown the mechanics of your first mod and tank, it is definitely a step that requires some preparation. With Father’s Day just around the corner we’re offering a choice of two different vaping starter kits, which contain everything that your Dad will need to lay down the smokes, and start getting healthy with vaping.

Father’s Day is your Chance to get Dad Set-up with the Best Vape Starter Kit

Father’s Day is approaching and your Dad has an interest in quitting smoking, but he’s not quite sure how to go about it. Luckily for him we cater to exactly this demographic of people. Our qualified and caring staff will take the time to walk him through the steps. Here’s part of what we do:

  • We determine what kind of smoker the person is – frequency, strength of cigarettes, and patterns (you smoke more when stressed, you’re social smoker, you smoke just in the evenings, etc.).
  • We find out how many times they’ve tried quitting in the past few years – this is useful information!
  • We will learn about the reasons for their decision to quit smoking – medical conditions, impending divorce (Ha, you’d be surprised!), or to just get healthier in general.
  • We walk our clients through our selection of devices and help them select one that’s in their price range, and that will have the correct wattage and power to keep them satisfied beyond those first few weeks. Depending on the information we collect from our initial discussion we will recommend a vape pen (although we find that unless someone specifically requests this type of device, most users tend to “grow out of it” fairly quickly due to its lack of power) or a mod/tank, or a starter kit, which comes complete with everything you need.
  • Based on taste, we recommend an e-juice with an appropriate level of nicotine. Some smokers who are new to vaping like to vape tobacco flavours, while others want to transition from cigarettes to an e-liquid that’s fruity or cream flavoured ­– the furthest thing from cigarettes. Generally those making the transition from smoking to vaping will start off with at least 6-9 mgs of nicotine, or higher, and gradually wean themselves down to a lower level, and eventually to an e-juice that does not contain any nicotine.

Father’s Day Specials

This year we’re taking the guess work out of Father’s Day gift-giving. In the world of limitless selection, we’ve put together two vaping starter kits that we believe are perfect to get your Dad started.

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