What Happens to your Body when you Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking and Reap the Health Benefits Almost Immediately

You’ve probably been thinking about quitting smoking for a long time now, and perhaps you’ve even quit smoking a few times already, and after a while, you went right back at it. Cigarettes are quite the demon – as much as you know they are terrible for your health, no matter how many times those around you complain about the foul smell of cigarette smoke off your hair, clothes, in your car and home, the nicotine and all the chemicals in cigarettes make them very addictive, and a very difficult habit to let go of.

Quit Smoking 24-hour Benefits

The good thing is that when you do make the decision to quit, it’s not too long after that you’ll start to see the positive changes in your body, and your health. And without a doubt the non-smoking friends and family in your life will breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Quit Smoking 48-hour BenefitsBy the time you reach the 24 hour mark your anxiety levels and craving for a cigarette will have reached peak levels. You may not know this, but the heart attack rate for cigarette smokers is 70% higher than for non-smokers, but luckily, just 24 hours after you quit, this percentage starts to drop as the risk lessens. Even an hour after quitting smoking your heart rate starts to drop back to normal levels. Within one day, as the carbon monoxide leaves your body, your lungs will also start to clear of mucus and debris.

By 48 hours, as the nicotine starts to leave your body, your taste buds and sense of smell will greatly improve. As a cigarette smoker you many have noticed that the intensity of flavours was missing in much of your food, resulting in the need to add salt, sugar and fat just to feel satiated. By quitting smoking, not only will you be removing all the nasty toxins and chemicals of cigarettes from your body, but also it’ll be a chance for you to cut back on all the extra additives that you once needed to accompany your food.

Your Body Starts to Recover Sooner Than You Might Think!

Quit smoking 72 hoursWe’re all familiar with that hacking, persistent smokers cough. Now just image it gone! Just 72 hours after you quit smoking, the smoke will start clearing from your bronchial tubes. At this point you’ll be 100% free of nicotine, and 90% free of the chemicals that nicotine breaks down into. Breathing will become easier and your lungs will start to function more normally. Your body is starting to thank you and you’re reaping all the good rewards of quitting smoking.

Quit smoking 3-9 monthsThree to nine months after you’ve quit smoking cilia starts to regrow. Cilia are microscopic hairs that line the respiratory passage and that protect your nasal passageways and other parts of the respiratory tract. They filter dust, smoke, and particles that enter your nose through the air. Also, your risk of heart disease, having a heart attack or stroke keeps diminishing, you have more energy, wake up each day feeling better than you have in months. You’ll also notice that your skin is starting to look brighter and your hair just a little bit shinier.

If these health benefits aren’t enough reasons for you to quit smoking, let’s go through some of the non-health related perks. Your new lifestyle means that you’ll be a much better role model to those around you. Your family and friends will applaud you, and finally, your confidence and self-esteem will improve as you no longer feel shame about being addicted to that dirty habit.

An effective alternative to smoking is vaping (vapour e-cigarettes), as it has been proven to help millions of individuals to quit smoking and improve health recovery around the world.