Joyetech RBA’s, Vape Devices & Ecigs

It takes innovation and vision to become one of the fastest-growing major players in any business, and Joyetech brings both of these to the table when it comes to vaping devices. Since 2008 they have been producing sleekly modern devices for the discerning vaper—especially those who are very particular about how they use their personal vaporizers. Joyetech offers a range of models with variable voltage and variable wattage, giving you full control of your vape’s flavour, temperature, battery usage, and e-juice usage—with an OLED display giving you a full readout of how it’s set up. For the very usage-conscious vaper, there’s also the Joyetech eVic, a smart model that records how much you use it each day by puffs and nicotine content, so you can get a clearer picture of just how exactly you’re using your new e-cig. Each Joyetech model sports a streamlined design that favours comfort and simplicity while not sacrificing a great vaping experience.

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