Why Vaping in Ottawa Continues to Grow

Ottawa Vape Community Grows

Ottawa’s Vape Community Stands Behind Vaping in a Big Way

In the past few years it’s hard not to notice the quantity of people on Ottawa streets who’ve traded in their cigarettes for vaping. If you’ve ever strolled through the business district – Slater, Queen or Laurier Avenue around 10:30 am on a weekday you’ll notice workers on their breaks, and for many, gone are the days of slipping out for a smoke. To the delight of their colleagues and cubicle neighbours, these people are no longer coming back to the office reeking of cigarette smoke, rather, they’re outside getting their nicotine fix using a device that for many, will help them quit smoking for good. Vaping amongst this demographic is on the rise, particularly as more people start to understand the benefits, and see that vaping is in fact healthier, more socially accepted, and a much less costly option than cigarettes.

A Growing Community of Ottawa Vapers

Ottawa Vape

You might ask – why now, why the sudden uptake? Well, along with a growing number of people opting for vaping over cigarettes, in the past years the Ottawa vaping community has really come together in a big way to advocate, promote, support and encourage this movement, which is having such a positive impact on the health of so many former smokers in Ottawa and Gatineau. French, English, young, old, black, white – none of these categories matter when the goal is to raise positive awareness and strengthen the spirit of vaping in the National Capital. There are also more vape shops than ever, which is making it easier and more accessible for smokers to find the vaping supplies that they need to make the transition. Furthermore, in both Ottawa and Gatineau we’re lucky to have many people in the forefront of this movement, one such example is Rose Thompson, from the local group Vape Tricks and Dipshits. Rose and many others are active participants in online groups and forums such as Ottawa Vapers, Canadian Vapers United, etc. and it’s these ever-expanding groups that provide knowledge to newbies and seasoned vapers alike, and help to raise the profile. Here’s an interview that Rose just did for LifeOnVape. On the other hand, individual vapers are also growing the community by encouraging friends and family to kick the nasty smoking habit. There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing someone close to you quit smoking by taking up vaping.

People Are Beginning to See Through the Falsehoods and Inaccuracies

Most ‘Ottawantonians’ (is that even a word?) are educated, intelligent and curious thinkers, and frankly it doesn’t take an Einstein to realize that these “factual studies” announcing the perils of vaping, just do not add up. How is it that the government allows and supports pharmaceutical companies in the manufacturing of a nicotine patch that releases nicotine into the bloodstream, and allows the advertising of these products on television to audiences of adults and children alike? Why isn’t ‘the patch’ categorized and subjected to the same rules as tobacco products, in the same way that the government has grouped e-liquids into this category. And why, if e-liquids contain nothing more than food grade ingredients and nicotine (if desired), aren’t they grouped with products like the patch, instead of being unfairly classified as a tobacco product. E-liquids do not contain tobacco, nor any of the 4000+ cancer-causing chemicals that are contained in tobacco products. Scientific studies in Britain have concluded that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes and UK doctors actually recommend vaping as the primary option for quitting smoking.

We’ll tell you why we believe this is happening – it’s because the pharmaceutical and tobacco companies are not behind the vaping movement, and are therefore not profiting from the sale of e-cigarette products. In fact, they’re losing massive revenues because of vaping, as millions of people quit buying cigarettes, become healthier, and require fewer pharmaceuticals. People in Ottawa, Gatineau and all over Canada are now waking up and realizing that this media and government witch hunt against vaping really just all about money, and does nothing to give the public an effective stop-smoking alternative that actually works. The crusade against vaping just makes no sense.

Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends and co-workers are vaping. While as with anything there’s definitely is a vaping sub-culture, however, it’s great to see people of all socio-economic classes, race and age are now turning to vaping to help turn their life around and quit smoking once and for all. For all the vaping supporters in the National Capital, we say thank you, and keep up the good work! The truth about vaping is emerging from the smoky clouds of lies, and every single smoker that’s looking for an alternative stands the chance to benefit from the results of our advocacy.