Smok Vape Devices & Ecigs

SMOK aims to set themselves apart from other electronic cigarette manufacturers in the market, and they’re succeeding! Their dedication to creating new and different vaping experiences, combined with a focus on safe, durable, and intelligent design, has led to the invention of SMOK’s truly unique line of products, such as the X CUBE II. This powerful mod stands out from other battery packs by sheer exceptional performance and a wealth of features. With a maximum output of 160 watts, it can produce temperatures between 100°C and 315°C for smooth airflow and incredible taste. Along with safety features, Bluetooth control via the Smart BEC mobile, and a bank of 16 wattage presets, the SMOK X CUBE II is just one way this company sets itself apart. The elegant and stylish Treebox, made out of 100% authentic zebrawood, with 75 watts and adjustable resistance, is a bold statement of taste and quality.

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