How Switching to Vaping Can Impact Your Insurance Premiums

Health Insurance for Smokers

Tobacco is a killer. Those who smoke cigarettes suffer an increased risk of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and decreased bone density among other serious health complications. Smokers are less likely to live as long as those who don’t smoke, and their quality of life is greatly decreased in comparison to non-smokers. It’s more difficult for smokers to breathe, their athletic ability is affected negatively, and they haven’t the energy as someone who doesn’t smoke.

Quitting the habit of smoking is often difficult for those who smoke. Many smokers turn to vaping as a way of assisting with no longer smoking, and it’s a much healthier alternative. Vaping is a form of smoking that allows a person to inhale water vapor that acts like a cigarette but without the negative health effects. It’s a preferred method of assistance for those who are working to give up smoking, and it even has an effect on a person’s health insurance fees.

Vaping and Insurance

Vaping is a form of smoking, but it could change the cost of life insurance for many. Despite the fact many insurance agencies charge a fee for vaping on a life insurance policy, it can help smokers lower their rates by assisting in quitting. Not all life insurance companies require people who vape pay a fee for vaping, but it does help smokers quit. Insurance companies look at this in a positive light, and it allows you to choose a policy that’s more affordable.

Vaping and Your Health

Since vaping is used as a way to help smokers quit their bad habit and move into a healthier way of life, it can change the cost of your insurance in the future. As you give up the habit of smoking, your insurance company allows you to have a physical performed. When you choose to undergo a physical and consult with a physician, your overall health is more likely to show improvement now that you no longer smoke tobacco.

When your doctor sends this information to your insurance company, your insurance company might lower your rates to reflect your healthier way of life. Insurance companies prefer to insure healthier people as they create less liability. The healthier you are, the less likely you are to suffer from major health concerns that require expensive health care.


Vaping and Your Finances

The FDA does not currently recognize vaping as a safer form of smoking, but you must be honest about your vaping when you apply for insurance. If your insurance company decides your vaping is a health risk, you’ll pay more than someone who does not vape or smoke. Your health insurance premiums might not change right away, but there’s still hope for the future. Vaping is a way to help smokers quit smoking.

As you ease out of the habit, it might become easier for you to vape less often or even stop in the future. The FDA could decide after more testing that vaping is far safer than smoking and lower rates, or you might find vaping is something you only prefer when you quit smoking versus in the long run. This allows you to become healthier not smoking, and it allows your insurance premiums to drop as you continue to improve your overall health.

While many health and life insurance companies still don’t recognize vaping as a healthier or safer alternative to smoking, tests are being performed and those rules could change in the future. Vaping does help you quit smoking, even if it doesn’t help with your insurance premiums immediately. Now is the time to quit smoking with the help of vaping, and hopefully this sets you up in the future for a healthier life and lower insurance costs. Your best hope is to shop around for insurance policies until you find a company that offers a vaping discount.