Vape Shops in Ottawa Can do Their Part in Vape Advocacy!

Vape Shops Ottawa Advocates

While Regulations Remain Undefined, Now’s the Time to Make Our Voices Heard

Ottawa vape shops and vapers alike are all wondering what’s going to happen with regulations surrounding the vape industry in the coming months. We’ve seen provincial governments in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and other provinces step in and impose rules around vaping that restrict vape shops from allowing their customers to try products before buying, from advertising or displaying merchandise, and more.

Before Ontario is handed a similar fate, we believe that Ottawa vape shops can do their part right now to make a difference. Here are just a few of the things that we can do to raise awareness, and to get the attention of the public:

Ottawa Vape Shops Play a Role in Vape Education

Saying that most all of us have been negatively affected by the harmful and deadly effects of cigarettes – either directly, or indirectly through someone that we know/knew and loved – is a fair statement.  Accordingly, Ottawa vape shops and the national capital vaping community need to educate ALL people on the truth about vaping. What’s happening to the vaping industry is simply alarming because it’s fundamentally about our government restricting our right to make choices – choices that will give millions of people in Canada a safer, better alternative for their health and well-being.

Ottawa vape shop owners deal with the public on a daily basis and we all need to be diligent about facilitating vape education and awareness to the greater Ottawa business community. There’s no better arsenal against all the untruths and negativity than educating people with facts that are backed up by scientific research. Here’s a great article that should stop the naysayers in their tracks – published in May by the British medical society –Royal College of Physicians Says Vaping Saves Lives.

Focus on What’s Important in the Ottawa Vape Community

Vape shops in Ottawa need to remember that the main driver, and the reason for the rise of this industry is the people that use vaping to quit smoking. Recently the industry has become somewhat overshadowed by a growing culture of big clouds and sex. Vape advocate Phil Busardo said it best when he said that “we need a mature and professional representation of this industry. Something we can be proud of, something we can all get behind.”

Somewhere in the big clouds and sexy vape kitties we seem to have kind of lost sight of what this struggle is really all about – the right for all smokers to be able to opt for vaping – a healthier alternative to smoking.

The same can be said for all of us who attend events where media is present; we need to put vape education and advocacy at the forefront, the focus should not be on blowing big cloud. Clouds dissipate and have no lasting impact. However, highlighting the facts and bringing awareness to our very real struggle will be much longer-lasting.  Until we are able to effectively convince the public and the government that vaping is a good, safe alternative to cigarettes, we must not lose sight that we are in a vulnerable position, and this is a time when things could ‘go either way’. 

Ottawa Vape Shops Want to Bring ‘A Billion Lives’ to the Capital!

This documentary by American Aaron Biebert sheds light on the fact that in this century alone more than a billion people will die from smoking cigarettes, despite the fact that there is a solution – vaping! The film highlights the real reasons why big pharma, tobacco companies, and our own governments are fighting against the vaping movement – it’s resulting in them losing MONEY!

Ottawa vape shops, including VaperTown, are in touch with the Billion Lives team and we’ve trying to bring this film to the capital city of Canada. This film has been showcased in New Zealand, Australia and Germany – and in all of those countries it has opened eyes and effectively changed public perception. Bringing A Billion Lives to the national capital would allow us to easily invite and encourage politicians and persons of influence to attend the event, and learn from the documentary. Please sign-up here to let Aaron know that we must bring this film to Ottawa.

Ottawa vape shops, along with our growing and supportive Ottawa/Gatineau vaping community can make a difference. It’s up to each one of us to do our part.