Vaping to Quit Smoking

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Vaping to a Healthier You in 2019

With 2019 just around the corner and the year winding down, most of us are thinking about ways to improve our health and well-being in the New Year. All of us know someone whose goal for 2019 is to get in the best shape of their lives, while others set out to kick bad habits – sugar, alcohol, and of course, a very common resolution is to quit smoking, and some alternatives such as vaping provides a healthier option.

For many the addiction to nicotine is a long-standing habit that is so ingrained into their way of life that quitting is a completely overwhelming challenge, and they simply don’t know where to start. These are people who’ve smoked for years–most, since they were teenagers. They smoke when they’re stressed. They smoke when they’re bored. They smoke after a meal, or when they’re in social settings. Chances are, their circle of friends and family is also replete with smokers. Often, the decision to quit smoking does not come lightly and sadly, in some cases it’s initiated by smoking-related sickness or the passing of a love one due to a cigarette-induced illness.

Vaping is better: Ciggarrete Smoking Kills!

Everyone has a different approach when it comes to quitting smoking–it really depends on the person. For some, quitting cold turkey is effective and long-lasting, while others resort to ‘the patch’, chewing gum that contains various levels of nicotine, and others try to gradually wean themselves off the habit by reducing the number of cigarettes they smoke per day. It’s great if any of these methods of quitting smoking work for you; however, if they haven’t, then vaping could be the solution you’re looking for to turn your life around in 2016.


Quitting Smoking and Taking Control of Your Life

Using a vape device is a safe and much healthier alternative to smoking. One of the points that makes vaping such a great option for a person trying to quit cigarettes is that some vape devices actually look similar to cigarettes. In fact, there’s a particular category of vaping devices (or ‘mods’, as they’re called in the industry) called ‘e-cigarettes’, and vaping with an e-cig–particularly the motion, and the calming inhaling and exhaling of the vapour, can make for an easier transition. The e-juice for the mods comprises vegetable glycerine, enticing natural flavours, and if you chose so, the juice can contain nicotine. Often, to help a smoker successfully quit smoking it’s recommended that they start with a juice that contains a certain percentage of nicotine, and gradually reduce this amount, until the juice is nothing more than natural, pleasant flavour.

Of course, like everything else, there are disbelievers who unknowingly claim that vaping is just as bad as cigarettes, but this is a false and unfounded statement. Obviously refraining from inhaling anything is best; however, with cigarettes containing more than 400 toxic chemicals, in addition to nicotine–including tar, carbon monoxide, and other carcinogens–making the switch to vaping means that you’re leaving behind these poisonous and life-compromising contaminants.

With January just around the corner, there’s no better time to effect change in your life by quitting cigarettes than now. Leave behind the bad breath and foul odour on your clothes, in your car and at your home. Have more energy and money to live a better and healthier lifestyle with your family. Switching cigarettes for vaping means that you can start the New Year with a healthier lifestyle, with and a sense of accomplishment knowing that 2016 is your year!



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